The mission of the University of Florida Interdisciplinary Program in Medical Sciences is to provide a graduate educational experience that will prepare students for a wide range of careers in biomedical science. The Advanced Concentration in Neuroscience is one of six Ph.D. programs offered through the IDP Program. The faculty associated with this advanced program have expertise in neuroanatomy, molecular and cellular neurobiology, neuroembryology and aging, neurotransmitter chemistry and pharmacology, neuroendocrinology and immunology, cellular and molecular neuro-oncology, cellular and membrane neurophysiology, somatosensory and motor systems, transplantation neurobiology, injury and repair of the CNS, and neurobehavioral sciences. Neuroscience research at UF is greatly enhanced by the state of the art research facilities available within the McKnight Brain Institute and the program in marine vertebrate and invertebrate neurobiology that is available at the Whitney Laboratory. Individuals interested in pursuing graduate training in Neuroscience should apply through the IDP Program.

Neuroscience Graduate Students - Fall 2017


The exceptional facilities and collaborative atmosphere among the members of the Neuroscience community at UF create a wonderful place to spend your postdoctoral years. Our postdoctoral fellows have gone on to earn tenure-track appointments at prestigious universities and institutions and to hold major research positions in industry. Individuals interested in pursuing postgraduate training should contact faculty members directly.