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Through fundamental discovery, collaboration, and education of the next generation of neuroscientists, we seek to elucidate nervous system function and eradicate neural disease.

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Paramita Chakrabarty, Ph. D., receives the…

Congratulations to our very own Paramita Chakrabarty, Ph. D., who receives the Excellence Award for Assistant Professors from UF’s Department of…

Read the latest from the Abisambra group

Associate professor, Jose Abisambra, Ph. D., and team researches how broad kinase inhibition mitigates early neuronal dysfunction in tauopathy.


Latoya Allen, Ph.D., speaks on diversity in…

Hear about our Neuroscience Ph. D. program from Latoya Allen, Ph.D., who graduated in 2020. Allen discusses the importance of diversity in…


Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Our department prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion principles. We believe that unique experiences and perspectives are essential for inspiring creativity and scientific discovery and preparing the next generation of scientific leaders.


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Our trainees conduct research on some of the most challenging and urgent questions within the neuroscience field today. Our students regularly publish in top journals and are supported by numerous specialized training (T32) grants from the National Institutes of Health.


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