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SNIP students arrive on campus for summer program

On May 29, Summer Neuroscience Internship Program (SNIP) students for the 2021 program arrived on UF’s campus. These interns will join active neuroscience research labs at the University of Florida (UF), one of the largest and most productive research universities in the United…

Douglas Miller defends thesis May 20, 2021

On Thursday, May 20, 2021, Douglas Miller, predoc fellow, will defend his thesis entitled “Differential sensitivity of the SNC and VTA dopaminergic networks.” The motivation behind the thesis, Miller says, was to better understand complex network properties of dopaminergic brain regions that make them sensitive to neuronal loss…

Read more on Summer B 2021 course Neuroscience Communication: Neuroscience Misconceptions “You’re Wrong About”

Neuroscientists today have a plague of resources by which they can communicate their science. From social media to the creation of internet content, there of numerous ways to participate in science communication with your peers and, most importantly, the lay public. When neuroscientists communicate effectively, it builds support for science and promotes a broader understanding that may increase diversity and inclusion.