NCF SfN 11th Annual Conference

Meeting link for 2/19/21: Password: SFN2021

Meeting Schedule:

10:45am – Opening Remarks

Sara Pickernell, Chapter President 

11:00am – Introduction: Courtney Wilkinson, Chapter Conference Co-Chair 

Keynote Lecture: Dr. Steven Maier–  Distinguished Professor, Department of Psychology & the Center for Neuroscience; University of Colorado at Boulder 

12:00pm – Student Lunch with Dr. Maier

Trainees (undergraduate, graduate, post-docs, and early career scientists welcome)

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1:00pm – Data Blitz

Alejandro Albizu Individualized machine-learning derived transcranial  electrical stimulation optimization for working memory improvement in older adults

1:15pm– Sabrina Zequeira Acute effects of cannabis on cognition in aging

1:30pm– Dr. Marilyn Horta Chronic intranasal oxytocin administration effects on dynamic emotion identification and related functional connectivity in healthy older adults

1:45pm– Dr. Aaron Mickle Advancing neuromodulation and functional mapping of peripheral circuits using optogenetic approaches

2:00pm – Virtual Poster Session

Breakout Room 1: Development & Lifespan and Integrative Physiology & Behavior

Breakout Room 2: Cognition

Breakout Room 3: Motivation & Emotion

Breakout Room 4: Neurodegeneration & Injury

*presentation titles listed below*

3:30pm – Closing Remarks

3:45pm – Regional Faculty Discussion with Dr. Maier

**Faculty, please sign up to attend:


Breakout Room 1: Development & Lifespan and Integrative Physiology & Behavior

  1. Association of a Delay Discounting Task and Cash Choice Question with early substance use in the ABCD Co-hort

Andrew Moore, Ben Lewis, Sara Jo Nixon

  1. DNA Methylation at Dopaminergic Signaling Genes is Associated with Temperamental Surgency During Infancy

Wesley Burrow, John Leri, Maria Kelly, & Darlene Kertes

  1. The Role of Age and Moderate Drinking on Cognitive Control

Cheyenne Acker, Sarah Boylan, Christina De Solo, Claire Overholt, Hugh Farrior, Christian Garcia, Ben Lewis, Sara Jo Nixon

  1. Lipopolysaccharide or IL 1 β microglial inflammasome activation bi directionally alters morphine reward in a time dependent manner sensitive to anti-inflammatory interventions

Amy R. Alleyne, Thomas J. Cirino, Shainnel O. Eans, Heather M. Stacy, Ping Zhang, Stanley Stevens, Bin Liu, Jay P. McLaughlin

  1. Mecamylamine blocks the reward-enhancing effect of nicotine self-administration in adult male and female rats

Azin Behnood-Rod, Ranjithkumar Chellian, Ryann Wilson, and Adriaan W. Bruijnzeel

      6. The Effects of Mitragynine, the Primary Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) Alkaloid, on Withdrawal            from and Tolerance to Morphine in Rats

Zuarth Gonzalez, A. Patel, R. C. Patel, M. A. Patle, L. R. Gamez-Jimenez, N. P. Ho, F. Leon, M. Mottinelli, C. R. McCurdy, L. R. McMahon, T. Hiranita

  1. Does artificial gravity protect against the effects of a spaceflight analog environment on sensorimotor and cognitive performance?

G.D. Tays, H. McGregor, J.K. Lee, N. Gadd, I. S. Kofman, Y. E. De Dios, S.Wood, E. Mulder, J.J. Bloomberg, A. P. Mulavara, R. D. Seidler


Breakout Room 2: Cognition

  1. Functional Neural Correlates of the Useful Field of View (UFOV) Task in Older Adults

Jessica N. Kraft, Alejandro Albizu, Andrew O’Shea, Cheshire Hardcastle, Nicole D. Evangelista, Hanna K. Hausman, Emanuel Boutzoukas, Emily J. Van Etten, Pradyumna K. Bharadwaj, Hyun Song, Samantha G. Smith, Eric Porges, Steven DeKosky, Georg A. Hishaw, Samuel Wu, Michael Marsiske, Ronald Cohen, Gene E. Alexander, Adam J. Woods

  1. Expression of the Immediate-early Genes Arc and Narp during Cognitive Multitasking is Attenuated in Aged Rats

Carly N. Logan, Katelyn N. Lubke, & Sara N. Burke

  1. A Rodent Model of Cognitive Aging Using A Translational Touchscreen-based Platform Reveals Deficits in Visuospatial Associative Memory

Samantha M. Smith, Sabrina Zequeira, Sarah A. Johnson, Andriena Hampton, Sara N. Burke

  1. Emotional Images Reduce the Cognitive Evidence Required for Simple Decisions

Pierce Imperialbobis, Wendel Friedl, Andreas Keil

  1. Evaluating the effect of age on cognitive control amongst moderate drinkers

Kathryn Yachnis, David Jabech, Alexia Brown, Madi Mulcahy, Andrew Moore, Ben Lewis, Sara Jo Nixon

  1. Utilizing fNIRS to measure cognitive control and explore its relationship to racial bias reduction

Tyla Gelman, Mateen Sheikh, Bailey Rawlinson, Haley Bracy, Katherine Hooper, and Curtis Phills

  1. Training with emotional stimuli improves performance on proximal (but not distal) transfer tasks

Hugh Farrior, Christian Garcia MS, Ben Lewis PhD, Sara Jo Nixon PhD

  1. Individually Adapted Task Parameters Facilitate Analysis of Performance Monitoring Across the Lifespan

Justin Santos, Stephen Villard, Jordan Poe


Breakout Room 3: Motivation & Emotion

  1. In Vitro Pharmacological Characterization of Novel Fentanyl Analogs

Victoria L.C. Pallares, Samuel Obeng, Marco Mottinelli, Christopher R. McCurdy, Lance R. McMahon, and Takato Hiranita

  1. In Vitro and In Vivo Pharmacological Comparison of Mu-Opioid Receptor Activity of the Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) Alkaloid Mitragynine and its Metabolite 7-Hydroxymitragynine

Rohan C. Patel, Samuel Obeng, Francisco León, Lea R. Gamez-Jimenez, Avi Patel, Nicholas P. Ho, Tobias Braun, Morgan L. Crowley, Victoria L.C. Pallares, Marco Mottinelli, Carolina Lopera-Londoño, Christopher R. McCurdy, Lance R. McMahon, and Takato Hiranita

  1. Cue light does not enhance nicotine self-administration in short and long access rats

Ranjithkumar Chellian, Azin Behnood-Rod, Ryann Wilson, and Adriaan W. Bruijnzeel

  1. Neuronal ensembles in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex mediate initial oxycodone learning and maintenance of oxycodone self-administration

Christina Gobin, Bo Sortman, Brandon Warren

  1. Cocaine-seeking behavior is mediated by Fos-expressing neuronal ensembles formed during behavioral acquisition in male and female rats

Bo Sortman, Christina Gobin, Brandon Warren

  1. Consequences of the Pharmacological Inhibition of Cytochrome P4503A on the Effects of the Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) Alkaloid Mitragynine in Rats

Christian Mazpule-Carrigan, F Leon, S Obeng, LR Gamez Jimenez, A Patel, NP Ho, MA Alvarez, A Thadisetti, EJ Kern, M Mottinelli, JD Zuarth Gonzalez, VLC Pallares, CR McCurdy, LR McMahon and T Hiranita

  1. Investigating contributions of the ventral tegmental area to age differences in risky decision making

Pyon WS, Blaes SL, Orsini CA, Dragone RJ, Febo M, Setlow B, Bizon JL

  1. Oxycodone-seeking is predicted by predator scent stress in a sex-specific manner in rats

Leana C. Pustam, Courtney S. Wilkinson, & Lori A. Knackstedt

  1. Pain and associated sleep disturbance among individuals in treatment for alcohol use disorder

Apollonia Lysandrou, Reanne Mathai, Lisa Merlo, Scott Teitelbaum, Laurie Solomon, Ben Lewis

  1. Analyzing glutamatergic mechanisms regulating working memory in animals that consider time and sex as variables

Cassandra Modrak., Hamor, P., Wu, L., & Schwendt, M

  1. Female rats exhibit increased oxycodone demand and withdrawal-associated anxiety in a rat model of oxycodone-alcohol polysubstance use

Arshia Goyal, Courtney S. Wilkinson, Giselle Rojas, Lori A. Knackstedt

   12. Optogenetic investigation of medial prefrontal cortex contributions to delayed response working memory performance in young and aged rats

Mojdeh Faraji, Caesar M. Hernandez, Katherine M. Gonzalez, Chase C. Labiste, Alexa-Rae Wheeler, Noelle G. Wright, Sara M. Betzhold, C. Jason Frazier, Barry Setlow, Jennifer L. Bizon


Breakout Room 4: Neurodegeneration & Injury

  1. Mild repetitive traumatic brain injury augments chronic microgliosis and disrupts functional connectivity in mTBI in vivo model

Ravi Sakthivel, Barroso Daylin, Hamm Matthew J, Grudny Matteo M, Marcelo Febo, Abisambra Jose Francisco

  1. Changes in striatal microglial morphology in young and aged mice subjected to experimental ischemic stroke

Sophia Velasco, Srikar Savaram, William Hachmeister, Adetola Alonge, Ohee Syed, Bianca Lavayen, Eduardo Candelario-Jalil, Wolfgang J Streit, Fatemeh Shaerzadeh, Habibeh Khoshbouei

  1. Time Course of Intravenous Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agent Through the Glymphatic System in Humans

Moriah R. Hanson, Sutton B. Richmond, Jens T. Rosenberg, Mehmet S. Albayram, Swati D. Rane, Jeffrey J. Iliff, Dawn N. Kernagis, Rachael D. Seidler

  1. Colonization of the C. elegans gut with human enteric bacterial pathogens leads to proteostasis disruption that is rescued by butyrate

Alyssa C Walker, Alfonso S. Vaziriyan-Sani, Emily T. Donahue, Rohan Bhargava, Autumn S. Dove, Keelnatham T. Shanmugam, Daniel M. Czyż

  1. Modeling the amyloid cascade by refining inducible APP/tau transgenic mice

Guilian Xu, Brittany S. Ulm, John Howard, Susan E. Fromholt, Qing Lu, Brian Benedict Lee, David R. Borchelt, Jada Lewis

  1. Evaluation of the recurrent stroke risk through magnetic resonance images employing deep learning processing

José Darío Cañón Benavides, Natalia Cortés, Juan Vargas, María Goméz, Francisco Moya, Natasha Lepore, Sovan Mukheriee, Michael Quintero

  1. Examining the fate of WT tau and P301L tau in the milieu of different Alzheimer-related APOE variants

Lillian Zobel, Elsa Gonzalez De La Cruz, Emily Koller, Danny Ryu, Paramita Chakrabarty

  1. APOE2 isoform triggers tau seeding and propagation

Tosha Williams, Alejandra Jolie Ruiz, Gustavo Antezana, Elsa Gonzalez De La Cruz, David R Borchelt, Paramita Chakrabarty

  1. Distinct Radiographic Phenotypes of Elevated Intracranial Pressure on Non-Contrast Head CT Predict Mortality and Functional Outcome in Moderate-to-Severe TBI

Tyler J. Harder, Owen P. Leary, David Liu, Derek Merck, David W. Wright, Lisa H. Merck

  1. Neurotoxicity assessment of the QoI strobilurin fungicides azoxystrobin and trifloxystrobin in differentiated human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells

Noa Kroyter, Khaai Nguyen, Christina L. Sanchez, Carlos Pena-Delgado, Nader El Ahmadie; Christopher L. Souders II, Christopher Martyniuk

  1. Leveraging the zebrafish model (Danio rerio) to investigate mechanisms associated with ropinirole, a pharmaceutical used to treat Parkinson’s disease and restless leg syndrome

Andrew Wengrovitz, Mansi Patel, Nader Ahmadeih, Christopher Laurence Souders II, Christopher J. Martyniuk