Joe Befera

There hasn’t been a period in my life in which I’ve learned more than when I was a part of the Biomedical Graduate Certificate Program at UF.  Prior to the program, I had a broad interest in neuroscience, but lacked the knowledge & direction needed to confidently pursue a career path.  The fact that each professor is directly involved in the most current, cutting-edge neuroscience research makes the program much more than a reinforcement of well-established principles.  It sets a standard that the development of your own ideas is both encouraged & expected.  I truly couldn’t imagine a way in which I could have better prepared for the next step of my career.

It is a very bittersweet feeling to be finishing the program. I’m proud that I’ve worked hard and persevered through a very challenging curriculum, but I’m also sad for it to be ending. In addition to truly enjoying the material, I’ve never had a period in my life in which I’ve learned more. I want to thank you [Dr. Sue Semple-Rowland] for rolling the dice and giving me the opportunity to be a part of your program. It has provided me with knowledge and an endless number of topics that I would love to make a career out of researching. My immediate plan is to gain acceptance into PA school with a long-term goal of PA-Neurologist. This program has made me realize that the many overwhelming obstacles along the way are no match for my relentless curiosity.