Postdoctoral Research

Researcher pulling samples from a freezer

University of Florida is a vibrant training ground for postdoctoral fellows. Affiliations with the McKnight Brain Institute and a range of UF centers provides a strong scientific community, and ample opportunity for building essential career skills both in and outside the laboratory.

Why Conduct Your Postdoctoral Training in Neuroscience at UF?

The neuroscience department offers postdoctoral training opportunities in numerous areas including neurodegenerative disease, brain aging, learning and memory, brain trauma/stroke and substance use disorders. Individuals who choose to conduct postdoctoral training at UF will find a highly collaborative scientific community and ample institutional support as they increase readiness and progress toward scientific independence.

Postdoctoral trainees at UF receive NIH-level compensation and have many avenues available to them through which to engage in scientific and professional development. The larger neuroscience community offers numerous opportunities to present research findings, and to develop the practical skills that promotie long-term success in a research science career path. Internal funding exists for travel to scientific conferences and to attend specialized training courses.

Fellows are encouraged to create mentorship teams within their first year of training and to engage with their mentor team regularly. Our faculty our committed to providing the training foundation that promotes success of extramural individual fellowships and transition to independence (K) awards from NIH. We encourage you to read more about our research areas below and the many UF centers and institutes within the UF neuroscience community that provide a robust and supportive environment in which to conduct your postdoctoral training.