Frequently Asked Questions

When are applications due to the Online Masters Program in Neuroscience? 

  • Applications are due March 31 to begin August/Fall.

Are applications accepted for the Summer? 

  • No. Applications are only accepted to begin in the Fall.

Will I have to interview?

  • No. There are no interviews in the recruitment process.

Are there course requirements to be admitted? 

  • Strong applicants will have previous coursework in biology, chemistry, psychology / neuroscience and/or will have demonstrated professional experience in a neuroscience-related field.

What is the GPA requirement to be admitted?

  • Applicants should have at least a 3.0 upper division undergraduate GPA. The UF Graduate School requires that all applicants calculate their junior/senior cumulative GPA and enter it into the space provided on the application.  

How long does the program take? Can it be completed in 1 year?

  • At minimum 2-3 years depending on your course load each semester.  Some courses require prerequisites that are offered only once per year. Taking more than 2-3 courses in a semester is not recommended as the coursework is intense and will require approval from the Program Director. Factors that can affect the pace at which the program is completed include (1) science background of the student, (2) applicant has full-time job, (3) prior experience with online education.

Are the courses asynchronous?

  • Yes, they are asynchronous. All courses have assignments that are due at specific times during the semester. Times are based on Eastern Standard time. Students requesting a Zoom conference will meet with instructors synchronously.

What is the program cost?

The current tuition cost of the program regardless of residency is $550 per credit hour. Fees are approximately $36 per credit hour.

  • Total Tuition Cost for 30 credits $16,500
  • Total Fees for 30 credits approximately $1,080

Is there financial assistance available? 

  • The Department does not provide financial assistance at this time.  Many students are able to obtain financial assistance from their current employer and are eligible for private and federal loans. Students seeking federal student loans must complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible.
  • Federal loans are dependent on the number of credits taken each semester.
    • Part-time registration for financial aid is 5 credits fall/spring, 4 credits summer
    • To be considered full-time graduate students must register for 9 credits in the Fall and Spring and 6 credits in the summer.
    • To be considered part-time, but not be eligible for most financial aid, students must take 3 credits fall/spring, 2 credits summer.
  • You can get more information from the Office of Student Financial and Scholarships

What is the difference between the Online Masters in Neuroscience and the Master’s of Science in Medical Sciences: Neuroscience?

  • The online Masters in Neuroscience mainly involves coursework and a capstone project. The in-person Master of Science in Medical Sciences: Neuroscience includes a research component and lab work with a faculty mentor as well as a different course curriculum.  

Can courses completed in the Certificate be transferred into the Masters?

  • All courses completed with a grade of B or better can be transferred into the online Masters in Neuroscience.
  • Some courses completed with a grade of B or better can be transferred into the in-person Masters of Science in Medical Sciences: Neuroscience with the approval of your faculty mentor and the Program Director.  Transfer of courses will not reduce/substitute lab and other course time required to complete the program.

Are courses accepted for transfer from other Universities?

  • No, we do not accept courses to transfer into the Neuroscience MS program from other programs and Universities.

Will this program prepare students to enter the PhD in Neuroscience?

  • Completion of the coursework offered through the online MSc program will provide students with a thorough background in Neuroscience that can make them more competitive applicants to doctoral programs. Students interested in pursuing a research doctoral degree are strongly encouraged to seek out opportunities to work in research laboratories while completing our program. Research experience is weighted heavily in applications to most doctoral programs.

Will my transcript say this is an online program?

  • No. Here is what is stated on the transcript upon graduation from the program:
    • Awarded Master of Science
    • Graduated (date)
    • Major Medical Sciences
    • Concentration Biomedical Neuroscience


You may find the answer to any additional questions on the main program page.

You can also email the Academic Coordinator, Melissa Naidu.