Masters of Science in Medical Sciences: Neuroscience

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Neuroscience is integrated into virtually every aspect of biomedical science, with most diseases having a neurological component.

Why Pursue a Master’s in Neuroscience?

The goal of the Masters of Science in Medical Sciences with a concentration in Neuroscience is to provide a student with applicable knowledge and essential skills that can be leveraged towards multiple academic and private sector career path options. Some students may develop a passion for his/her topic of interest and decide to engage in the Ph.D. track in neuroscience. Others may opt to use their degree as a gateway to careers in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries. Still others find that our Masters of Science in Medical Sciences with a concentration in Neuroscience is an excellent foundation for professional degree programs, including medical school, veterinary medicine and dental school. Indeed, individuals with master’s degrees in neuroscience can be found pursuing government careers (e.g. NIH, FDA), public health degrees as well as in advanced degree programs in biomedical engineering and law school.

Why UF’s Research Intensive Program?

Our goal is to provide student entering the master’s program foundational knowledge in neuroscience and a rigorous, mentored research training experience. Our master’s students enroll in the same challenging coursework as our Ph.D. students, and in total complete 42 hours of academic credit over the two year program. While abbreviated relative to our Ph.D. training program, we strive to provide our master’s students with a top-notch research experience that can lead to peer-reviewed publications. Our students pursuing master’s degrees can pursue training in neuroscience research labs across the College of Medicine, with mentors who have varied specializations. For students interested in pursuing a master’s degree in neuroscience without an interest in hands-on research, we strongly encourage you to consider our online master’s program.

Education and Application Questions

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