Course Offerings and Calendar

Due to COVID-19, all neuroscience courses that are typically offered in-person will be delivered via Zoom at times listed below. Syllabi for all courses, including our online master’s and certificate programs, are listed below. For registration or to find out more about enrollment, please contact our academic coordinator, Dominic DeFeo.

Department Education Calendar

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Fall 2021 Courses

  • GMS6007 Fundamentals of Neuroscience
  • GMS6021 Principles of Neuroscience 1: Organization & Development of the Nervous System
  • GMS6029 Brain Journal Club: Neurobiology of Psychiatric Disorders
  • GMS6029 Brain Journal Club: Theory & History of Neuroscience
  • GMS6029 Brain Journal Club: Communication between Peripheral Immunity and the CNS
  • GMS6029 Brain Journal Club: Hot Topics in Neuroscience
  • GMS6073 Disorders of the Developing Nervous System
  • GMS6082 Introduction to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • GMS6705 Functional Human Neuroanatomy and Lab
  • GMS6712 Biological Clocks in Neural Health Disease
  • GMS6757 Intro to Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Dementias: Clinical & Mechanistic Principles
  • GMS6792 Neuroscience Graduate Seminar
  • GMS6910 Supervised Research
  • GMS7794 Neuroscience Departmental Seminar
  • GMS7795 Special Topics Neuroscience: Topics in Chemosensation
  • GMS7795 Special Topics Neuroscience: Neurobio Behavior Disorders
  • GMS7795 Special Topics Neuroscience: Psychobiology of Eating and Obesity
  • GMS7795 Special Topics Neuroscience: Neuroeconomics
  • GMS7795 Special Topics Neuroscience: Nobel Prizes in Neuroscience
  • GMS7795 Special Topics Neuroscience: Neuro Pro Survival Skills
  • GMS7979 Advanced Research
  • GMS7980 Doctoral Research

Spring 2021 Courses

Fall 2020 Courses