Molecular Neuroscience

The cells of the nervous system express a large number of distinctive genes whose protein products define the function of these cells. Molecular studies focus on understanding the structure and regulation of these genes and determining the roles that these genes play in the function of individual cells and networks in the developing, mature and diseased nervous system. We are engaged in studies of ion channels, neurotransmitters and their receptors, cell-cell recognition molecules and trophic factors, both at the genetic and protein level. Many of our investigators utilize modern viral vector and transgenic technologies to introduce cloned genes into the nervous system to gain insight into the role that the encoded proteins play in the normal and diseased nervous system.


The faculty and staff of the Department of Neuroscience are dedicated to providing outstanding educational and research opportunities for postdoctoral fellows, residents, graduate, and undergraduate students interested in the Neurosciences.

Barbara Battelle

Regulation of retinal function by circadian clocks

David Borchelt

Molecular mechanisms underlying Alzeimber’s disease and related disorders