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Jacob Ayers

Drs. Jacob Ayers, Ben Giasson, graduate student, Nicole Rutherford & colleages publish in Jan 2017 Journal of virology

Published: November 18th, 2016

Ayers JI, Brooks MM, Rutherford NJ, Howard JK, Sorrentino ZA, Riffe CJ, Giasson BI. Robust Central Nervous System Pathology in Transgenic Mice following Peripheral Injection of alpha-Synuclein Fibrils. J Virol […]

Graduate Student, Abbi Hernandez & the Burke lab publish in Jan 2017 Neurobiology of Learning & Memory

Published: November 14th, 2016

Hernandez AR, Reasor JE, Truckenbrod LM, Lubke KN, Johnson SA, Bizon JL, Maurer AP, Burke SN. Medial prefrontal-perirhinal cortical communication is necessary for flexible response selection. Neurobiol Learn Mem 2017; […]

Neuroscience Education & Research Retreat, August 2016

Neuroscience Education & Research Retreat – August 2016

Published: November 7th, 2016

Postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Joe McQuail & the Bizon & Setlow labs publish in Nov 2, 2016 J Neuroscience

Published: November 7th, 2016

McQuail JA, Beas BS, Kelly KB, Simpson KL, Frazier CJ, Setlow B, Bizon JL. NR2A-containing NMDARs in the prefrontal cortex are required for working memory and associated with age-related cognitive […]

Golde Todd

Dr. Todd Golde publishes in Oct 2016 Journal of Neurochemistry

Published: November 3rd, 2016

Golde TE. Overcoming translational barriers impeding development of Alzheimer’s disease modifying therapies. J Neurochem 2016; 139 Suppl 2:224-236. Abstract: It has now been ~ 30 years since the Alzheimer’s disease […]

The Sarkisian lab, Grad Student, Alex Parker & colleagues publish in Nov 19, 2016 Neuroscience

Published: October 26th, 2016

Ramos RL, Toia AR, Pasternack DM, Dotzler TP, Cuoco JA, Esposito AW, Le MM, Parker AK, Goodman JH, Sarkisian MR. Neuroanatomical characterization of the cellular and axonal architecture of subcortical […]

Ianov, Lara

Graduate Student, Lara Ianov & the Foster lab publish in Sept 28, 2016 Neurobiology of Aging

Published: October 26th, 2016

Ianov L, Kumar A, Foster TC. Epigenetic regulation of estrogen receptor alpha contributes to age-related differences in transcription across the hippocampal regions CA1 and CA3. Neurobiol Aging 2016; 49:79-85. Abstract: […]

Dr. Eduardo Candelario-Jalil & colleagues publish in Sept 2016 Journal of Hypertension

Published: October 21st, 2016

Sumners C, Isenberg J, Harmel A, Candelario-Jalil E, Steckelings U, Bennion D. OS 32-03 ANGIOTENSIN II TYPE 2 RECEPTOR AGONIST EXERTS SUSTAINED NEUROPROTECTIVE EFFECTS IN AGED RATS. J Hypertens 2016; […]

David Borchelt

Dr. David Borchelt & colleagues publish in Aug 26, 2016 Neurobiology of Disease

Published: October 21st, 2016

Melnikova T, Park D, Becker L, Lee D, Cho E, Sayyida N, Tian J, Bandeen-Roche K, Borchelt DR, Savonenko AV. Sex-related dimorphism in dentate gyrus atrophy and behavioral phenotypes in […]

Jennifer Bizon, Ph.D.

Drs. Jennifer Bizon & Barry Setlow publish in Oct 12, 2016 Neuropsychopharmacology

Published: October 13th, 2016

Setlow B, Bizon JL. Adolescent Cannabinoid Use and Cognition; Unexpected Results from a Rat Model of Cannabinoid Self-Administration. Neuropsychopharmacology 2016. Cannabis is the most widely used illicit substance in the […]