SfN Travel Awards

Welcome to SfN Travel Awards

Who can apply for SfN Travel Awards?

Applications are open to undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral trainees who are members of NCF SfN and are presenting a poster or symposium at the upcoming SfN conference.

Must I be a member of the North Central Florida Chapter to apply? 

Yes. Only registered members of the SfN North Central Florida Chapter will be considered for Travel Awards. To register, please fill out this form: NCF SfN Membership Sign Up (google.com)

When are applications due?

All applications are due by August 15th of each year by 5 pm EST

Are there any other application requirements?

Yes. Applicants are generally required to (1) provide proof of abstract acceptance by SfN and (2) be listed as first author of that abstract. Application requirements may vary from year to year.

How much is distributed in Travel Awards?

Generally, $300 per awardee but award amounts can vary from year to year.

How are awardees selected?

Awardees are chosen based on the scientific merit of the abstract, involvement in SfN activities, and academic credentials. The nominee may not be a recipient of another SfN travel award in the same year. Students must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

For any other questions, please contact nflsfnchapter@gmail.com