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Welcome Interested Applicants.

If you are considering applying to our Neuroscience Doctoral Program, welcome!  Information on how to apply can be found here: https://biomed.med.ufl.edu/.   When you arrive at the website, click on the “Admissions” link and follow the instructions.

The Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences consists of seven concentrations.    More information about the concentrations, departments, and participating faculty can be found under the “Programs” link at this website. The curriculum of study includes a common set of first semester core courses and two laboratory rotations in the fall semester of year one.  More specialized courses, including a Principles of Neuroscience course series, are offered for students in their first year spring semester along with a third laboratory rotation.  By the end of the spring semester, first year students choose their dissertation mentors and concentrations. In the following year, students form their dissertation committee and prepare for their qualifying examinations by taking at least six additional hours of advanced courses and attending journal clubs and seminars.  Most of the remaining hours towards the doctoral degree are in laboratory research.  More information regarding course requirements can be found in the “Curriculum” link. Note: the possibility exists for some qualified students admitted to the program to pursue a fast-track program in Neuroscience which allows them to begin their studies in the summer instead of the fall term.

Interested students should send inquiries about this option to the Neuroscience Concentration Coordinator, Dr. Jada Lewis.

Jada Lewis, Ph.D.
Co-Director Neuroscience Graduate Program
Email: jada.lewis@ufl.edu