Don W. Walker, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus


1964 BA (Experimental Psychology) University of Texas, Arlington
1968 MA & PhD (Physiological Psychology) Texas Christian University, Fort Worth
1968-1970 Postdoctoral Fellowship (Neurobiology) University of Florida, Gainesville

Professional Experience at the University of Florida:

1970-1983 Research Scientist, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Gainesville, FL
1971-1975 Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience
1975-1981 Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience
1981-2003 Professor, Department of Neuroscience
1983-2003 Senior Research Career Scientist, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Gainesville, FL
2003 Retired Professor Emeritus, Department of Neuroscience

Major Research Interests:

  • The role of neurotrophic factors in ethanol – induced neurotoxicity.
  • Neurohistological, neurophysiological, and behavioral effects of chronic ethanol exposure and aging.
  • Anatomy, physiology and pharmacology of the hippocampus.
  • The effects of prenatal ethanol exposure on the development of brain and behavior.
  • The neurobiological mechanisms of ethanol tolerance and dependence.