Congratulations to Sabrina Zequeira on her recent achievements

We are thrilled to announce that Sabrina Zequeira has had a recent string of successes. 

Firstly, she has been awarded a prestigious grant from the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR)! This grant provides students enrolled in MD, DO, PhD, or combined-degree programs the opportunity to conduct a three-to-six-month research project focused on biomedical research in aging. 🔗 Learn more about the AFAR grant

Additionally, Sabrina has been selected for two incredible professional development opportunities:

  1. Yale Ciencia Academy: An outstanding program that promotes scientific excellence and leadership among early-career researchers. 🔗 Explore the Yale Ciencia Academy
  2. Neuroscience Scholars Program: Sabrina has been honored as a Fellow in this program, which supports the advancement of underrepresented minority neuroscience trainees. 🔗 Discover the Neuroscience Scholars Program

Sabrina’s hard work and dedication are truly inspiring. We can’t wait to see all the amazing things she will accomplish!