Sequioa Smith receives honorable mention from National Science Foundation

Congratulations to Sequioa Smith, on receiving an honorable mention from the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program during their first year as a Ph.D. student! The title of their research proposal is “Investigating the Neural Circuits of Short-term and Long-term Familiarity Memories.”

The proposal aims to examine the role of neural circuits in short-term and long-term familiarity memories. “Specifically, we hypothesize that the PL-NAc circuit is primarily involved in short-term familiarity social memories, whereas the PL-MD circuit plays a significant role in the formation and retention of long-term familiarity social memories.” This recognition is a testament to Sequioa’s hard work, dedication, and exceptional potential in the field. Their commitment to advancing scientific knowledge is inspiring. There is no doubt that they will continue to make significant contributions to their research area and beyond.