Ethan Smith, first place winner with AI-generated artwork titled “Not All Memories are Lost”

The 2024 College of Medicine Celebration of Research showcased works of art with the theme of Art Enhanced: The Intersection of Human Creativity and AI, where art, technology, and medicine converge to explore the profound interplay between human creativity and artificial intelligence.

This year’s first-place winner was Neuroscience PhD candidate Ethan Smith.

“I work in a lab that studies Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. I wanted to create an image that recaptured an older man with dementia being brought down a neuron to remember a memory of a time when he was younger. Memories are the music that accompanies us, a melody of moments that compose the symphony of a life well-lived. The scent of a childhood home, the soft cadence of a familiar voice, or the embrace of a long-lost friend—all crystallized moments, awaiting the gentle touch of remembrance.”

“For the 2024 College of Medicine Research Day, students were challenged to generate artwork that bridges STEM and AI. To bring my concept to life, I utilized Adobe Generative AI. Art is my passion, and I tried to create a piece that captures the resilience of the human brain. Life truly does flash before our eyes, but not all memories are lost.” –Ethan Smith