“Bond, Botany, and Baffling Biotoxins: A Deep Dive into Casino Royale’s Deadly Drama”- Dr. Andrew Maurer

Our Neurophysiology exams tend to ask practical questions from atypical angles. In our first exam of this semester, our talented students were tasked with dissecting the captivating scene from “Casino Royale” where Bond grapples with the effects of foxglove digitalis  (https://youtu.be/3jQbXuvGR5o?si=EyOcN2Q_jmzpj4_i), considering the aspect “true to the biology” and other things that may involve a bit of “cinematic liberty”. The students were tasked with developing an infographic to answer this question. With the permission of the students, we’re thrilled to share some (among many!) creative and insightful answers:

Quan Vo


Sequioa Smith

Sequioa Bond

Jessica Shubin

Jessica Bond

Courtney Sercander

Courntey Bond