Congratulations Summer Graduates

The Department of Neuroscience is pleased to announce our summer graduates.

Ph.D. program graduate is Grace Lloyd. Dr. Lloyd’s mentor was Benoit Giasson, Ph.D.

The In-Person Master’s program graduates are Emely Gazarov who’s mentor was Barry Setlow, Ph.D. Emely’s dissertation title was “Pharmacokinetics of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol following acute cannabis smoke exposure in mice”. Our next graduate is Hannah Hardgree. Hannah’s mentor was GemmaCasadesus, Ph.D. Hannah’s dissertation title was “Impact of Hippocampal Luteinizing Hormone Receptor knockdown on cognition”. And last but not least Jonah C. Juergensmeyer. Jonah’s mentor was Karina Alvina, Ph.D. Jonah’s dissertation title was “Transient exercise-induced changes of circulating factors in the mouse muscle-brain axis”.

Our Online Master’s graduate is Maxwell Ouzts.

Congratulation to all of our grads!