Alzheimer’s T32 Appoints 3 Neuroscience Students



Neuroscience students  Tara Cooper in Dr. Sara Burke’s lab, and Alejandro Albizu in Dr. Adam Woods’s lab were appointed to the T32 Research Training in Non-Pharmacological Interventions for Cognition in Aging, MCI, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Directed by Dr. Jada Lewis and Dr. Jen Bizon, trainees appointed in the ADRD T32 program will gain the knowledge and support necessary to tackle the complexities presented by AD and related neurodegenerative diseases. Upon completion, students will be positioned to make significant scientific advances in the treatment of these devastating disorders. Specifically, students received training in the following:

  • Fostering communication between trainees and mentors with diverse expertise relevant to ADRD
  • Providing core training on research methodology, data analysis and transparency in reporting
  • Facilitating familiarity with NIA’s large-scale collaborative consortia, such as ADNI, M2OVE AD and AMP-AD, as well as integrating these datasets into individual research programs
  • Emphasizing professional development and equipping trainees with fundamental skills and confidence in grant writing; oral and written presentations and networking
  • Establishing mentored training enhancement opportunities to lay the foundation for trainees to become scientists conducting informed & creative discovery-based, translational research that will lead to improved outcomes in ADRD