Valerie Harjani

picture of studentI started this program with the intent of strengthening my medical school application while also delving deeper into an interest I’ve had for a few years. For me, it was incredibly worthwhile. I was able to feel connected to school during my gap years, and taking the classes at my own pace allowed me to continue working at the hospital to gain experience. Both my knowledge and interest in Neuroscience grew substantially throughout this program. The times of this program where I had to think like a physician were career-affirming, and somehow just as exciting as being in a hospital watching the process happen. I am grateful that I understand the complexity of the brain the way I do now, and am confident it will be helpful to my future goals.

The format and materials for this program, especially the lectures and textbooks, were perfect for learning the information. I personally found the texts easy to read and digest without being overwhelmed, despite the rigor of the coursework. One of the best aspects of the program is that despite being online, the professors are approachable and always ready to help when needed – and I definitely am guilty for occasionally needing help on Sunday afternoons. I cannot thank Dr. Semple-Rowland, Dr. [N.] Rowland, Dr. Mandel, and Dr. Sarkisian enough for being exceptionally knowledgeable and kind professors that are truly interested in seeing their students succeed.