Congratulations to graduate student, Robert Eisinger

Eisinger, RobertRobert Eisinger is an MD-PhD student at the University of Florida pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience and a co-major in Clinical and Translational Sciences through the NIH TL1 program. Today Robert received an NIH F30 predoctoral award to support him for the remaining three years of his MD-PhD program. This prestigious and highly competitive award will fund Robert’s last year of his PhD degree and the remaining two years of his MD degree. Robert’s PhD work in the Brain Mapping Laboratory, led by Dr. Gunduz, aims to identify electrophysiological markers of reward processing in human basal ganglia to understand how deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease can contribute to impulse control disorders, a common non-motor problem in people with Parkinson’s disease. He hopes to pursue a career in academic Neurology with an emphasis on non-motor aspects of movement disorders.