Karla Arredondo receives UF-HHMI Science for Life award

Science for Life
Establishing Early Undergraduate Student Research and Enriching Research Experiences Remains the Primary Mission of the Science for Life Program.


Undergraduate, Karla Arredondo was accepted into the UF-HHMI Science for Life Intramural Research Program.  Karla is an undergraduate who is majoring in biology. She recently began volunteering in the laboratory of Dr. Lucia Notterpek.  Karla’s research project title is “Measure of autophagic responses of aged and young Schwann in response to FDA-approved compounds”.

Intramural Undergraduate Research Award

The UF-HHMI Science For Life Intramural Undergraduate Research Award allows talented, motivated, and responsible students at the University of Florida to get a rapid start in research and connect with the most outstanding faculty mentors at UF as early undergraduates. Research projects often continue for much of the awardee’s undergraduate career, and many of the projects undertaken lead to undergraduate co-authored publications within peer-reviewed scientific journals or presentations at national meetings.

This award is one of the best ways of enhancing your ability to win other prestigious awards at UF including the Fulbright and Churchill Scholarships. As well, you will be a more appealing candidate to graduate and professional school selection committees as well as employers within private industry.

Other benefits include:

  • Greatly enhanced letters of recommendations.
  • Participation in special campus events and poster sessions.
  • $2000 award stipend.
  • $500 publication awards for each co-authored paper accepted in a scientific journal.
  • $500 travel awards to present at national scientific conferences.
  • Preferred Status in the SFL Extramural Undergraduate Research Award for an additional $2000-$4500 stipend award.