Khoshbouei Lab members receive Travel Awards to attend March 2014 conference in San Antonio, Texas

Congratulations to

Ben Richardson Poster in San Antonio
Ben Richardson
Postdoc Associate
Kaustuv Saha Poster in San Antonio
Kaustuv Saha
Postdoc Associate
Danielle Sambo
Graduate Student


Ben Richardson, Kaustuv Saha and Danielle Sambo who received travel awards to attend the Behavior, Biology and Chemistry:Translational Research in Addiction” conference in San Antonio, Texas in March 2014.

This two-day conference focuses on translational aspects of addiction research among chemists, biologists, and behavioral scientists. The diversity of participants and attendees at this meeting (undergraduate students to senior faculty, chemists to psychiatrists) provides a unique venue for cross-fertilization among different disciplines and in so doing promotes new and innovative approaches to medications development in addictions biology. The meeting provides a stimulating environment for young scientists who are strongly encouraged to present their work and interact with senior scientists.

New in 2014 is the Pathways to Careers in Science (PCS) Workshop; this free workshop (see below for registration) gives trainees an opportunity to discuss the variety of career paths that are available to young scientists. Participants in the 2014 workshop will be Dr. James Barrett, Dr. Minda Lynch, and Dr. Tom McClellan and the workshop moderator will be Dr. Andrea Giuffrida.

Dr. Habibeh Khoshbouei is the faculty mentor to Ben, Kaustuv and Danielle.