UF College of Medicine research takes inspiration from other fields, focuses on patient safety

Published: April 30th, 2012

Category: News Updates

Neuroscientist Michael Lane, Ph.D., discusses his research with Johannes W. Viewig, M.D., chairman of the department of urology, during the 2012 College of Medicine Celebration of Research at the Hilton UF Conference Center. Photo by Maria Belen Farias

• Neuroscientist Michael Lane, Ph.D., an assistant professor who works with Paul Reier, Ph.D., a professor and eminent scholar in the department of neuroscience, studied how the nervous system can compensate for loss of function after injury. Lane and his graduate student Lynne Mercier found that cells in the brain that normally direct breathing might change what they do after spinal cord injury. The work gives insight into the ways in which the nervous system can adapt, and could form the basis of new treatments. 

College of Medicine Research Day