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Melnikova T, Fromholt S, Kim H, Lee D, Xu G, Price A, Moore BD, Golde TE, Felsenstein KM, Savonenko A, Borchelt DR.

Published: February 23rd, 2013

Reversible pathologic and cognitive phenotypes in an inducible model of Alzheimer-amyloidosis. J Neurosci 2013; 33(9):3765-3779.

A MUST READ publication in NATURE

Published: January 7th, 2013


Drs. Sooyeon Lee & Lucia Notterpek – manuscript published in Dec 22, 2012 Experimental Gerontology

Published: January 7th, 2013

“Dietary restriction supports peripheral nerve health by enhancing endogenous protein quality control mechanisms.” Lee S, Notterpek L. Exp Gerontol 2012. PM:23267845

Drs. Todd Golde & David Borchelt labs publish in December 7, 2012 PLoS One

Drs. Todd Golde & David Borchelt labs publish in December 7, 2012 PLoS One

Published: December 17th, 2012

Analysis of Proteolytic Processes and Enzymatic Activities in the Generation of Huntingtin N-Terminal Fragments in an HEK293 Cell Model. Tebbenkamp AT, Crosby KW, Siemienski ZB, Brown HH, Golde TE, Borchelt […]

Notterpek Lab publishes in November 2012 ASN Neuro

Published: December 6th, 2012

The palmitoylation state of PMP22 modulates epithelial cell morphology and migration Susie J. Zoltewicz*, Sooyeon Lee*, Vinita G. Chittoor*, Steven M. Freeland*, Sunitha Rangaraju*, David A. Zacharias*,{ and Lucia Notterpek*1 […]

Dr. Michael Lane receives NIH R01 award

Published: December 6th, 2012

“Optimizing functional recovery following cervical spinal cord injury” is the title of Dr. Michael Lane’s NIH grant proposal for which he received a five-year R01 award.  The Project period is […]

Tom Foster, Ph.D.

Foster lab has new publication in Dec 4, 2012 issue of Human Gene Therapy

Published: December 6th, 2012

AAV-mediated gene therapy in the guanylate cyclase (RetGC1/RetGC2) double knockout mouse model of Leber congenital amaurosis. Boye SL, Peshenko IV, Huang WC, Min SH, McDoom I, Kay CN, Liu X, […]

Khoshbouei Lab published in November 2012 JoVE

Published: December 6th, 2012

Single Cell Measurement of Dopamine Release with Simultaneous Voltage-clamp and Amperometry. Saha K, Swant J, Khoshbouei H. J Vis Exp 2012;(69).PM:23207721 PubMed   

Tom Foster, Ph.D.

Dr. Tom Foster publishes in November 2012 ‘Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience’

Published: December 3rd, 2012

“Challenges and opportunities in characterizing cognitive aging across species” PubMed     Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 2012; 4:33.PM:23189053    

Dr. Todd Golde — New article published in Nov 2012 Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Published: November 30th, 2012

Cyanobacterial Peptides as a Prototype for the Design of Potent beta-Secretase Inhibitors and the Development of Selective Chemical Probes for Other Aspartic Proteases. Liu Y, Zhang W, Li L, Salvador […]