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Stephen J. Blackband, Ph.D.


Department of Neuroscience
University of Florida
1149 Newell Drive
PO Box 100244
Gainesville, FL 32611-0244

Office Phone:  (352) 273-5535
Lab Phone:      (352) 294-8365

Education:               Lab Members:               Publications:

Key Words:    Neuroimaging, MR Imaging, MR Microscopy, High Magnetic Fields, Cellular MR Imaging

Research Summary:

Dr. Blackband and colleagues are developing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) techniques at high magnetic fields. Stronger magnets can provide more signal, leading to higher resolution imaging. Most of our work involves imaging at the very highest fields using small samples, capable of providing images of tissues at cellular resolutions. Using these data we hope to improve our understanding of the origins of signals and how they change in tissues in order to improve clinical MRI.

Research Focus & Aims:

The Blackband laboratory works on the development and application of high field MRI, particularly MR microscopy.  The primary focus is on Neuroscience applications; studies of single cells, perfused brain slices, fixed tissues and animal studies leading to clinical applications.  We are using and developing new microsurface coils and strong gradients, and optimizing imaging techniques, to obtain the highest resolution images to date.  Using these methods we recently obtained the first MR images of animal mammalian and human brain tissue samples at the cellular level, resolving individual cells, and also nerve fiber tracking at the cellular level working with national and international collaborators.  We are in partnership with the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee and work with external users on a variety of applications, for example studies of heart tissue, muscle, retina and prostate.