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William G. Luttge Lectureship in Neuroscience

luttge bannerIn 2012, the McKnight Brain Research Foundation endowed the University of Florida with $300,000 to establish a permanent annual lectureship as a memorial tribute to the late William G. “Bill” Luttge, PhD, the first director of UF’s Evelyn F. and William L. McKnight Brain Institute (MBI). To be held each year, the William G. Luttge Lectureship in Neuroscience will explore inventive ideas and approaches to ensure healthy cognitive aging and to counter brain diseases.

Luttge spearheaded efforts to organize the vast amount of brain research conducted at the University of Florida into a comprehensive program, eventually resulting in the establishment of the $60 million Brain Institute on the UF Health Science Center campus in Gainesville that was dedicated in 1998. He passed away March 24, 2012, after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

The lectureship is organized by a committee of five members in coordination with the UF MBI and the College of Medicine’s Department of Neuroscience:

Steven DeKosky, MD, MBI Interim Director;  Aerts-Cosper Professor of Alzheimer’s Research; Professor of Neurology & Aging & Geriatrics Research

David Borchelt, PhD, Professor, Department of Neuroscience; Director, SantaFe Health Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center

Thomas Foster, PhD, Professor, Department of Neuroscience; Evelyn F. McKnight Chair for Research on Cognitive Aging and Memory

Sara Jo Nixon, PhD, Professor of Department of Psychiatry; Chief, Division of Addiction Research; Director, Neurocognitive Laboratory

Lucia Notterpek, PhD, Chair, Department of Neuroscience; William T. and Janice M. Neely Professor


Past Luttge Memorial Lectures:

Dr. Carol Barnes

2016: Carol A. Barnes, Ph.D. — “Aging is not a disease: normal lifespan changes in brain circuits critical for memory”

Newsroom Article     Dr. Barnes’s Current Affiliation     Seminar Flyer



2015: Fred H. Gage, PhD – “Neuronal Plasticity and Genomic Diversity”

Newsroom Article     Dr. Gage’s Current Affiliation     Seminar Flyer


2014: Steven T. DeKosky, MD – “The Brain Fights Back: Neuroplasticity in Aging and Disease”

Newsroom Article     Dr. DeKosky’s Current Affiliation     Seminar Flyer

Paul Gold

2013 Inaugural Lecture: Paul E. Gold, PhD – “Making Memories Metabolic – and Making Metabolic Memories (PDF)”

Newsroom Article     Dr. Gold’s Current Affiliation     Seminar Flyer