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McQuail, Joseph

Dr. Joseph McQuail wins 1st Place in 2015 Robert Levitt Research Award Competition

Joseph McQuail, Ph.D., a postdoctoral associate in the laboratories of Dr. Jennifer Bizon and Dr. Barry Setlow, was awarded 1st place in the 2015 Robert Levitt Research Award Competition.


Dr. Caitlin Orsini receives 2015 Thomas H. Maren Postdoc Award

Congratulations! Caitlin Orsini, Ph.D. has been selected as the 2015 Thomas H. Maren Junior Investigator Post-doctoral Awardee. Caitlin is a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratories of Dr. Barry Setlow and […]

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News Updates

Dr. Stephen Blackband and colleagues publish in March 10, 2015 Scientific Reports

Visualization of synaptic domains in the Drosophila brain by magnetic resonance microscopy at 10 micron isotropic resolution.  Lee CH, Blackband SJ, Fernandez-Funez P.   Sci Rep 2015; 5:8920. Abstract Understanding […]

Ashizawa, Ana

Dr. Ana Ashizawa awarded grant from ABC2 & Florida Center for Brain Tumor Research

Dr. Ana Ashizawa was one of four recipients chosen to receive a grant award which is co-sponsored by the Florida Center for Brain Tumor Research (FCBTR) and Accelerate Brain Cancer […]

Vinita Chittoor, Graduate Student

Dr. Vinita Chittoor-Vinod & colleagues publish in Feb 2015 ASN Neuro

Chittoor-Vinod VG, Lee S, Judge SM, Notterpek L. Inducible HSP70 Is Critical in Preventing the Aggregation and Enhancing the Processing of PMP22. ASN Neuro 2015; 7(1). Abstract: Chaperones, also called […]


Dr. Leonid Moroz publishes in Feb 2015 Journal of Experiemental Biology

Moroz LL. Convergent evolution of neural systems in ctenophores. J Exp Biol 2015; 218(Pt 4):598-611. Abstract: Neurons are defined as polarized secretory cells specializing in directional propagation of electrical signals […]


Dr. Caitlin Orsini and colleagues publish in Jan 28, 2015 J of Neuroscience

Orsini CA, Trotta RT, Bizon JL, Setlow B. Dissociable Roles for the Basolateral Amygdala and Orbitofrontal Cortex in Decision-Making under Risk of Punishment. J Neurosci 2015; 35(4):1368-1379. Abstract: Several neuropsychiatric […]

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