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Borchelt Neuron pub

Dr. David Borchelt & colleagues publish in Neuron – Nov 18, 2015

“RAN Translation in Huntington Disease.” Babez-Coronel M, Ayhan F, Tarabochia AD, Zu T, Perez BA, Tusi SK, Pletnikova O, Borchelt DR, Ross CA, Margolis RL, Yachnis AT, Troncoso JC, Ranum […]

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Rutherford Award4

Nicola Rutherford receives Outstanding International Student Award

The Department of Neuroscience would like to recognize and congratulate third year graduate student, Nicola Rutherford, and her mentor, Dr. Benoit Giasson on her receipt of an Outstanding International Student […]

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Society for Endocrinology

PRESS RELEASE – Injection of appetite gene may offer a more effective alternative to dieting EMBARGO 00.01 GMT Wednesday 21 October 2015 Increasing the amount of appetite hormone, leptin, in […]

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Stress Linked to Alzheimer's Disease
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Nikon microscope_2

New Nikon Multiphoton & Super Resolution Microscope Training at McKnight Brain Institute

Class space is limited and depending on demand we may have to limit access to one person per lab. Space priority will be given to labs that were part of the NIH SIG.  If you or someone from your lab wishes to attend this training, please have the lab PI email the following information to

News Updates

Xu Guilian

Dr. Guilian Xu & colleagues publish in Nov 14, 2015 Acta Neuropathologica Communications

Murine Abeta over-production produces diffuse and compact Alzheimer-type amyloid deposits. Xu G, Ran Y, Fromholt SE, Fu C, Yachnis AT, Golde TE, Borchelt DR. Acta Neuropathol Commun 2015; 3(1):72. Abstract […]

Shawn Dotson

Dr. C. Shawn Dotson & colleague publish in August 2015 Chemosensory Perception

Using Animal Models to Determine the Role of Gustatory Neural Input in the Control of Ingestive Behavior and the Maintenance of Body Weight. Ciullo DL, Dotson CD. Chemosens Percept 2015; […]

Sacino, Amanda

Former graduate student, Dr. Amanda Sacino & colleagues publish in November 5, 2015 Acta Neuropathologica

Non-prion-type transmission in A53T alpha-synuclein transgenic mice: a normal component of spinal homogenates from naive non-transgenic mice induces robust alpha-synuclein pathology. Sacino AN, Ayers JI, Brooks MM, Chakrabarty P, Hudson […]

Gallego Iradi, Maria

Postdoc, Dr. Carolina Gallego-Iradi & colleagues publish in PLoS One Nov 2015

Subcellular Localization of Matrin 3 Containing Mutations Associated with ALS and Distal Myopathy. Gallego-Iradi MC, Clare AM, Brown HH, Janus C, Lewis J, Borchelt DR. PLoS One 2015; 10(11):e0142144. Abstract: […]

Drs. W. J. Streit & Q.S. Xue publish in Oct 27, 2015 Brain, Behavior & Immunity

Microglia in Dementia with Lewy Bodies. Streit WJ, Xue QS. Brain Behav Immun 2015. Abstract: Microglial activation (neuroinflammation) is often cited as a pathogenic factor in the development of neurodegenerative […]

The promise of research

The promise of research

Erin Howe, left, listens as her father Michael Conner, 67, who has been diagnosed with dementia and has symptoms of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, tries to tell a story from his past, Monday afternoon, September 28, 2015 at the Windsor of Ocala Assisted Living and Memory Care facility. He has lived with her for about a year now and is on the waiting list for the Windsor. The University of Florida and the Mount Sinai Medical Center are working together to look at ways to better detect the early signs of Alzheimer'¬s Disease and to study why the Hispanic population gets the disease more frequently.

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