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Moroz Sequencing the 7 seas

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Dr. Justin Bickford and Nick Lab publish in Sept 13, 2014 Brain Research Journal

“Endothelin-1-mediated vasoconstriction alters cerebral gene expression in iron homeostasis and eicosanoid metabolism.” Bickford JS, Ali NF, Nick JA, Al Yahia M, Beachy DE, Dore S, Nick HS, Waters MF. Brain […]

Drs. Simon D’Alton and Jada Lewis publish in Aug 2014 Front Aging Neurosci

D’Alton S, Lewis J.   Therapeutic and diagnostic challenges for frontotemporal dementia.   Front Aging Neurosci 2014; 6:204. Abstract In the search for therapeutic modifiers, frontotemporal dementia (FTD) has traditionally been […]

Dr. Harry Nick and colleagues publish in Aug 21, 2014 Neurobiology of Disease

“KCNC3, a K Channel Mutation Causative in Spinocerebellar Ataxia 13 Displays Aberrant Intracellular Trafficking.” Gallego-Iradi C, Bickford JS, Khare S, Hall A, Nick JA, Salmasinia D, Wawrowsky K, Bannykh S, […]

Hilda Brown & David Borchelt publish in PLoS One September 2014

Analysis of Mutant SOD1 Electrophoretic Mobility by Blue Native Gel Electrophoresis; Evidence for Soluble Multimeric Assemblies. Brown HH, Borchelt DR. PLoS One 2014; 9(8):e104583. Abstract Mutations in superoxide dismutase […]


“Ctenophores Have a Mind of Their Own”

Transparent marine ctenophores have a neural system so different from all other animals that it likely evolved independently. Find out more… Biologist Leonid Moroz calls them “aliens of the […]


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News Story from the Florida Brain Project Symposium

News Story from FL Brain Symposium

A first: Real-time genome-scale sequencing at sea

Published: April 28th, 2014

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