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Sara Burke 2016 Excellence Award
Moroz UFRP Award
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Investigative Research by Drs. Sarah Burke & Andrew Maurer

Investigative Research by Drs. Sarah Burke & Andrew Maurer

News Updates


Former Grad Student, Dr. Hailey Carpenter & the Bizon & Frazier labs publish in May 2016 Neurobiology of Aging

Age-related changes in tonic activation of presynaptic versus extrasynaptic gamma-amniobutyric acid type B receptors in rat medial prefrontal cortex.  Carpenter, H.E., Kelly, K.B., Bizon, J.L., Frazier, C.J., 2016.  Neurobiol Aging […]

Sacino, Amanda

Former Graduate Student, Dr. Amanda Sacino & colleagues publish in July 2016 Journal of Neurochemistry

Proteolysis of α-Synuclein Fibrils in the Lysosomal Pathway Limits Induction of Inclusion Pathology. – PubMed – NCBI.  Sacino AN, Brooks MM, Chakrabarty P, Saha K, Khoshbouei H, Golde TE, Giasson […]

Wolfgang Streit

Dr. W. Jake Streit & colleagues publish in July 12, 2016 Glia

Inhomogeneous distribution of Iba-1 characterizes microglial pathology in Alzheimer’s diseaseJasmin Tischer, Martin Krueger, Wolf Mueller, Ori Staszewski, Marco Prinz, Wolfgang J. Streit and Ingo Bechmann.  Version of Record online: 12 […]

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