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Parker Fellowship

Alexander Parker receives Epilepsy Foundation Fellowship

Congratulations to Alexander Parker in the Sarkisian lab on the receipt of the Pre-Doctoral Research Training Fellowship from the Epilepsy Foundation.

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Neural Networking
Moroz cover_nature

Dr. Leonid Moroz publishes online in Nature – May 21, 2014

“The ctenophore genome and the evolutionary origins of neural systems” Leonid L. Moroz1,2,3, Kevin M. Kocot4, Mathew R. Citarella1, Sohn Dosung1, Tigran P. Norekian1,3, Inna S. Povolotskaya5,6, Anastasia P. Grigorenko7,8, […]

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Christmas Card 2014

News Updates

Reier & Fuller Labs publish in Jan 2015 Experimental Neurology

Lee KZ, Sandhu MS, Dougherty BJ, Reier PJ, Fuller DD. Hypoxia triggers short term potentiation of phrenic motoneuron discharge after chronic cervical spinal cord injury. Exp Neurol 2014; 263C:314-324. […]

Lucia Notterpek_1__JSJ_IMG_1116

Dr. Lucia Notterpek & Collaborators publish in November 2014 PNAS

“Meal frequency and timing in health and disease.” Mattson MP, Allison DB, Fontana L, Harvie M, Longo VD, Malaisse WJ, Mosley M, Notterpek L, Ravussin E, Scheer FA, Seyfried TN, […]

Dr. Todd Golde, et al. publish in October 2014 Neurobiology of Aging

Ofori E, Pasternak O, Planetta PJ, Burciu R, Snyder A, Febo M, Golde TE, Okun MS, Vaillancourt DE. Increased free water in the substantia nigra of Parkinson’s disease: a single-site […]

Jung, June

June Jung, Graduate Student publishes article in Oct 28, 2014 PLoS One

“Independent Relationship between Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) Dimerization and gamma-Secretase Processivity”. Jung JI, Premraj S, Cruz PE, Ladd TB, Kwak Y, Koo EH, Felsenstein KM, Golde TE, Ran Y.   PLoS […]

Gabriele Schilling photo

Dr. David Borchelt publishes ‘In Memoriam’ of Gabriele Schilling in July 2014 J Huntingtons Dis

Borchelt DR, Ross CA.  J Huntingtons Dis 2014; 3(3):225-227. PMID: 25300326      

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Dr. Satya Kalra publishes new book chapter

Dr. Kalra's Book Chapter on Leptin

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